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Street Light Banner Program Application

  1. Event Eligibility Requirements:
    To be eligible to participate in the Street Light Banner Program, events must be a “qualifying event,” which is a planned gathering put on by a not-for-profit entity that is open to the general public, includes entertainment, programming and/or activities and is surrounded by a targeted theme or cause. Events may have an associated fee, but must be a not-for-profit event.
  2. Uses not permitted for the Street Light Banner Program:
    1. Commercial or for-profit events, or advertising a commercial message

    2. Private events not open to all members of the public

    3. Regularly occurring weekly activities

    4. Activities that are the subject of regular weekly rentals of any Town facility

    5. Advertising for any event that does not qualify on the list above

    6. Fundraisers that are not part of an actual “event.” This includes restaurant nights that donate a portion of sales back to a certain organization, sales of coupon books, cookie sales, etc.

  3. To qualify to use this program, in addition to being a "qualifying event," your event must meet at least one of the following criteria:
  4. If you meet the event eligibility requirements above, please fill the remainder of the fields and submit your request.

    Please be aware that there is a $100 per banner fee, which covers the cost of banner approval, hanging and removal. This fee will be paid directly to Fast Signs of Parker. This fee does not include the printing of banners. Banner printing fees are an additional cost and are the responsibility of the organization submitting the request.

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