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Mayor and Council Community Recognitions and Event Participation

  1. Classroom Visit Request

    A visit to a local school classroom by the Mayor or a Town Councilmember can be arranged for a one-hour engagement. You help define the... More…

  2. Request a Proclamation

    If you would like to request an official proclamation be made by the Mayor and Town Council, please submit a formal request here.

  3. Request Mayor/Council Event Participation

    The Town of Parker Mayor and Council enjoy engaging with the community at Town-hosted and non-Town hosted events.

  1. Parker's Elected Official in Action and Town of Parker Civics Seminar Requests

    Parker's Elected Official in Action program provides teens with the chance to see the Mayor and Town Councilmembers perform their... More…

  2. Request a Special Certificate

    The Mayor and Town Council may issue Certificates of Commendation, Recognition or Achievement (Special Certificates).