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General Operations Manual Update Sign-Off: Part-Time Employees

  1. Section 1.5 of the Town of Parker Personnel Manual Provides as Follows:
    "Section 1.5 – General Operations Manual The Home Rule Charter (the "Charter") provides that the Town Council will approve by ordinance the Personnel Manual. The Charter also provides that the Town Administrator is the chief administrative officer of the Town. The Town Council has determined by ordinance that the Town Administrator is responsible for the issuance of general administrative procedures applicable to the different departments and offices that make up the Town, which are all offices and departments of the Town, except the Municipal Court Judge and Town Attorney. The general administrative procedures issued by the Town Administrator are contained in the Town of Parker General Operations Manual. As an employee of the Town, it is your responsibility to review and become familiar with the General Operations Manual and the regulations contained within the General Operations Manual."
  2. Acknowledgement of Information Regarding Operations Manual

    I have carefully read the September 2022 Update to the General Operations Manual (the "Manual"). I understand all of its rules, policies, terms and conditions. I understand my responsibilities regarding this Manual, as outlined in Article 1.5 of the Personnel Manual. I understand and agree that any provision of this Manual may be amended or revised at any time by the Town Administrator. I agree that nothing in this Manual in any way creates an expressed or implied contract of employment between the Town and me.

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