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2022 Town of Parker Strive to Thrive Challenge Form

  1. Town of Parker Staff Wellness Program - Logo
  2. Instructions
    • Each month has its own set of challenges that center around a National Health Observance(s).  
    • Complete two (2) or more challenges for the month to be entered into a prize raffle drawing.  
      • All challenges can be completed anytime throughout the month except those that have a scheduled date/time (i.e. live webinars, retirement one-on-ones, etc.).
    • Complete and submit the below online form by noon on the last day of the month.

    Questions? Contact Christina Worley at or at 303.805.3109.

  3. December Challenge - Making Holidays Happy Month
  4. Cookies, Cocoa & Cider with HR
    • Attend HR’s annual event
    • December 15th | 10am-2pm | Pikes Peak Conference Room (Town Hall)
    • Homemade cookies, warm cider and delicious hot chocolate will be served at this casual meet and greet with your Human Resources Department
  5. 3. Apple cider or hot chocolate?
  6. Venture to Volunteer
    • December 5th is International Volunteer Day!
    • Volunteer anytime during the month of December for a cause you support
  7. Happy Holidays with MINES
    • Login to MINES, the Town’s Employee Assistance Program, type the word “Holidays” in the search box on the upper right hand side of the page
    • Choose a resource to explore that you think will help you more joyfully navigate the holiday season
    • Company code = parker
  8. 2023 Planning Session

    Sit down and make a game plan for 2023 - set financial and personal goals, plan a trip you've been meaning to take, etc.

  9. Random Act of Kindness

    Perform an act of kindness for a stranger or neighbor (bake cookies, give a $5 gift card, buy coffee for the person in line behind you, leave an encouraging note on someone’s doorstep or car, etc.)

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