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Community Protest / Rally Inquiry

  1. Community Protest / Rally Inquiry

    The Town of Parker supports the right of its citizens to peacefully protest. Prior to an event, the Town asks organizers to fill out... More…

Engineering and Public Works Forms

  1. Dransfeldt Road Extension Project - Questions/Comments

    Work will begin in 2023 on the southward extension of Dransfeldt Road to Motsenbocker Road, just north of Salisbury Park. If you have a... More…

Fact or Fiction

  1. Fact or Fiction

    Parker is growing, and that means lots of things are happening in the community. We here at the Town of Parker want to make sure our... More…

Finance Forms

  1. 2023/2024 Business License Renewal Information

    Current Town of Parker Business and Tax Licenses will expire this year, on Dec. 31, 2022. Businesses are required to apply for renewal... More…

HOA Resources

  1. HOA Contact Information

    The Town of Parker is always working to keep its HOA representative contact list up-to-date in order to communicate important... More…

Human Resources Forms

  1. 2022 Town of Parker Strive to Thrive Challenge Form

    Each month, Town of Parker employees are encouraged to complete a new set of challenges that center around a National Health... More…

  2. OVER 18 Conditional Job Offer Form (Safety Sensitive)
  3. UNDER 18 Conditional Job Offer Form (Safety Sensitive)
  1. General Operations Manual Update Sign-Off: Part-Time Employees

    This online form serves as an acknowledgement for Town of Parker part-time employees for receipt of updates to the Town's General... More…

  2. Seasonal Conditional Job Offer Form

Mayor and Council Community Recognitions and Event Participation

  1. Classroom Visit Request

    A visit to a local school classroom by the Mayor or a Town Councilmember can be arranged for a one-hour engagement. You help define the... More…

  2. Request a Proclamation

    If you would like to request an official proclamation be made by the Mayor and Town Council, please submit a formal request here.

  3. Request Mayor/Council Event Participation

    The Town of Parker Mayor and Council enjoy engaging with the community at Town-hosted and non-Town hosted events.

  1. Parker's Elected Official in Action and Town of Parker Civics Seminar Requests

    Parker's Elected Official in Action program provides teens with the chance to see the Mayor and Town Councilmembers perform their... More…

  2. Request a Special Certificate

    The Mayor and Town Council may issue Certificates of Commendation, Recognition or Achievement (Special Certificates).

My Mainstreet Project

  1. My Mainstreet Project - Public Comment

    Public comments regarding the My Mainstreet Project can be made in writing via this online form or in person at Town Council Meetings.

Scout Programs

  1. Flag Request Form
  2. Youth Pledge of Allegiance Program

    The Town of Parker is pleased to invite Parker area youth or youth organizations to play the important role of opening our regular Town... More…

  1. Mayor's Scout Night Entry Form

Street Light Banners

  1. Street Light Banner Program Application

    Use this form to submit your Street Light Banner Program application. Fast Signs of Parker oversees this program on behalf of the Town... More…

Town Clerk's Office Forms

  1. Liquor License Holder Survey

    The Town Clerk's Office would like to hear feedback from the Town's liquor license holders about its licensing process and customer... More…

  1. Request for Information - Pursuant to the Colorado Open Records Act

Town Council Meetings - Public Comment

  1. Town Council Meetings - General Public Comment

    Regular Town Council meetings are held on the first and third Monday of each month, unless announced otherwise. The general public... More…

Town Marketing Campaign

  1. Made in Parker Business Spotlight Program

    The Town's "Made in Parker" business spotlight program highlights our locally owned small businesses that are not chains or franchises... More…