The Town Council recently voted to adjust mill levy rates on metro districts. Does this mean my property taxes will increase?

The Town of Parker is not raising mill levy rates on existing metro districts and does not have the authority to do so. A special district’s fees and taxes are set by its Board of Directors, subject to the limitations imposed by TABOR, Colorado statutes and the special district’s electors through the election process. The Town can place limitations on a metro district’s mill levy during the Service Plan approval process. In this case, the Town Council is changing those limitations to more closely align with other jurisdictions in the metro area.

In May 2019, the Town Council did vote to allow an increase to mill levy rates on metro districts for developments in Parker, such as the undeveloped portion of Anthology and the new Hess Ranch developments. The purpose of these higher rates, which are set before any homes are even built and still must be approved by the metro districts themselves, is to ensure that homeowners in these new developments are covering the cost for their own infrastructure, such as roads, sidewalks and trails, and that the burden to pay for them does not fall on the existing Town of Parker taxpayers. Again, this will not change property taxes for current homeowners.

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