What can I do to be prepared for a snow storm?

Colorado can receive a great deal of snow each year and residents can take some important steps to be prepared for a snow storm. If you can avoid travel during adverse weather conditions, please stay at home and avoid the stress of driving in poor weather conditions. Every car left at home reduces the number of potentially stranded vehicles, which can slow down plowing operations. When there are fewer vehicles operating on the roadways, streets can also be cleared more quickly. If you must travel during a storm, make sure your vehicle is equipped with snow tires with the proper tread levels and/or chains. Carry a shovel in your car in the event that you become stuck or slide off a roadway. Also equip your vehicle with blankets, clothing, food and other emergency supplies. Residents should make the appropriate preparations to ensure that they are able to travel to and from work and home, which could also include having a four-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicle available for emergencies.

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1. What are the Town’s snow plowing priorities?
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9. Who is supposed to shovel around the fire hydrants?
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11. What can I do to be prepared for a snow storm?
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