Mar 16


The original item was published from March 16, 2018 4:50 PM to February 21, 2023 11:20 AM

Town Q&A is a compilation of questions received by the Town of Parker across its social media accounts from the previous month. Have a question about the Town or Town operations to ask? Send your questions to Town of Parker Digital Marketing Coordinator Ryne Dittmer at to be answered in a future Town Q&A post.

When will Parker start to build mixed-use spaces and expand Mainstreet?
The Town and Partnering for Parker's Progress (P3), the Town’s Urban Renewal Authority, initiated the My Mainstreet project to discuss the future of downtown and Mainstreet in February. My Mainstreet is a community effort to encourage the right growth in the right places in downtown Parker. The goal is for P3 to partner with Town residents, business owners and developers to define what the community would like to see on the sites and what is feasible for the private market to develop.

My Mainstreet is an opportunity for residents to share their thoughts and work with P3 to shape the downtown area and guide the investment in the space. 

To learn more about the project and contribute your suggestions and visions for Mainstreet, visit

When will the E-470 bike trail connection in Parker be completed?
The E-470 Authority, as part of their recent widening project, has designed, funded and constructed a regional trail from Quincy Avenue to approximately the county line between Arapahoe and Douglas Counties. The regional trail is planned to continue due west near this location and cross through the Kings Point development in Aurora, including a grade-separated crossing over Parker Road. Once the trail crosses over Parker Road, it will connect with the existing Cherry Creek Trail, whereby trail users can head north on the Cherry Creek Trail or head south and connect with the existing E-470 Regional Trail within Parker. This alignment will ultimately provide a much safer crossing of Parker Road than the current street-level crossing near Cottonwood Drive to the south.

Staff with Arapahoe County, Parker, Aurora, and Douglas County are all working together to get this phase of the E-470 Regional Trail designed, funded, and constructed, including the overpass of Parker Road, as quickly as possible. In the interim, we are not encouraging trail users to use the E-470 Regional Trail beyond Ireland Way since it’s not completed. The E-470 Authority has recently installed a fence and locked gate at the Ireland Way location to prevent the use of this incomplete trail segment. Temporarily ending the trail at this location will prevent trail users from continuing south to Cottonwood Drive and attempting to cross Parker Road.
E470 Bike Trail

What activities and committees do the Mayor and Town Council serve on as representatives of the Town of Parker?
As part of their elected posts, the Mayor and Councilmembers serve on many different local and regional entities on behalf of the Town of Parker.

These committees include the Cherry Creek Basin Working Group, Cherry Creek Basin Water Quality Authority, Community Development Block Grant, Denver Regional Council of Governments, Douglas County Housing Partnership, Douglas County IGA Review Board, Douglas County Open Data Initiative, Douglas County Senior Advisory Committee, Douglas County Youth Initiative, E-470 Authority, Greater Parker Foundation, Metro Mayors Caucus, Partnership of Douglas County Governments, Rueter-Hess Recreation Authority Board, Colorado Department of Transportation, Centennial Airport Community Noise Roundtable, Crown Point ACC, Downtown Business Alliance, Parker Chamber of Commerce, Parker Task Force, Parker Water and Sanitation District, Regional Transportation District, Parker Senior Center, South Metro Fire Rescue Authority, Cultural and Scientific Commission, Investment Advisory Committee, Partnering for Parker’s Progress (P3) Advisory Committee, Planning Commission Interview Committee and the Special Licensing Authority. 

In addition to serving on these committees and boards, Councilmembers and the Mayor regularly speak at local civic events and schools, lead student tours of Town Hall and participate in other community activities.