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[ARCHIVED] Meet Our Department: Community Development

The original item was published from September 8, 2020 9:37 AM to September 30, 2020 10:32 AM

Meet Our Department Community Development

Main office and contact information:

Address: Parker Town Hall, 20120 E. Mainstreet
Phone: 303.841.2332
Community Development Department Webpage

Number of employees: 27

Longest serving employee and years on staff: 
Bryce Matthews, Planning Manager — 18 years

Department overview: 
The Community Development Department is responsible for the orderly growth and development of the Town of Parker in accordance with the community’s vision for the future. The community’s vision for the future is expressed in the Parker 2035 Master Plan and related plans such as the Mainstreet Master Plan; Parker Road Corridor Plan; Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan and Transportation Master Plan

Department divisions: 
The Department consists of the Comprehensive Planning, Development Review and Building divisions. The Comprehensive Planning and Development Review Divisions implement the Master Plan and other long-term plans. They process development applications, review sign permits and provide staff support to the Planning Commission. The Building Division administers the building code to ensure safe and sound construction. They provide plan review, permitting and inspection services while partnering with other agencies to promote fire and life safety.

How does this Department impact daily life for Parker residents?
  • Works with Town Council, Planning Commission, residents and stakeholders to establish the community vision for future growth and development through the Parker 2035 Master Plan
  • Promotes orderly growth and development consistent with Parker 2035 Master Plan
  • Ensures that development proposals are compliant with zoning as to use, design quality and site plan layout
  • Provides for safe and sound construction of all development requiring permits
  • Provides administrative and technical support to the Planning Commission
  • Is a member of the Town’s Capital Improvement Program team and works to ensure that capital projects are consistent with the adopted plans and planning policy
  • Partners with other Town departments and external agencies to promote implementation of the Town Strategic Plan, particularly as its relates to the plan goals of: (1) Develop a Visionary Community through Balanced Growth and (2) Enhance Economic Vitality

What is the most common question received by this department and what is the answer:

Question: Is my property in the Town of Parker?
Answer: Perhaps. Depending on your address because even through Parker has a total area of 23 square miles, the U.S. Postal Service ZIP codes for the Town of 80134 and 80138 extend well beyond Town boundaries. You may find the Town boundary map here

Question: Why does the Town of Parker allow development to continue despite the increase in traffic, loss of open space and growing number of apartments?
Answer: The Town of Parker is required to follow the law, and like other municipalities, must allow private property owners to utilize their land, including selling it for development, in accordance with applicable regulations and standards. The Town is able to manage development through available tools, such as the Parker 2035 Master Plan, Land Development Ordinance, Development Design Standards and Capital Improvement Program. The Town applies these tools to ensure that growth and development occurs in appropriate locations, is supported by adequate infrastructure and is of the highest quality possible.

What would residents be surprised to learn about this department? 
Most Community Development staff live in Parker or the Parker area, and are active in the community with charitable organizations, HOAs, professional associations, sports leagues, etc.

How can residents get involved with this department? 
Residents may attend Planning Commission and Town Council meetings, apply for a volunteer position on the Planning Commission, participate in a public open house or workshop, and invite Community Development staff to speak with their groups, such as HOAs.

What else should residents know about this department?
Community Development values and welcomes public involvement from residents, businesses and stakeholders in everything it does, and looks forward to hearing from you about the concerns, issues and suggestions you may have for the future growth and development of the Town. This is especially the case for the next Master Plan update that is scheduled to begin in 2022, subject to the budgeting and appropriation of funds for this important effort.