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[ARCHIVED] Meet Our Department: Town Administrator

The original item was published from August 30, 2020 11:59 AM to February 10, 2021 9:09 AM

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Main office and contact information:
Address: Parker Town Hall, 20120 E. Mainstreet
Phone: 303.841.0353
Town Administrator Webpage
Social Media Accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Nextdoor, YouTube

Number of employees:

Longest serving employee and years on staff:
Michelle Kivela, Town Administrator – 8 years; Dannette Robberson, Assistant to the Town Administrator – 3 years; Cheri Sullivan – 4 years

Department overview:
The Town Administrator’s Office consists of the Town Administrator, Deputy Town Administrator, Assistant to the Town Administrator and the Executive Assistant. The Town Administrator is the Town’s chief executive officer appointed by the Parker Town Council based on experience and credentials. As a professional manager specifically trained in local government operations and service delivery, the Town Administrator directly or indirectly oversees all department heads.

How does this department impact daily life for Parker residents?
The Town Administrator oversees the administrative operations that keep the Town of Parker running. The Town Administrator and staff work with the Mayor and Town Council to develop policies and programs, manage government staff, budgets, programs and projects. The Town Administrator oversees the service delivery for Town responsibilities such as police, street repairs and upkeep of parks. Additionally, the Town Administrator ensures the laws and policies are enforced fairly throughout the community.

What would residents be surprised to learn about this department?
Residents would be surprised to learn the extensive level of training, education, knowledge and experience required to be a Town Administrator. Most Town Administrators/City Managers have advanced degrees in Public Administration and are well-versed in all municipal operations. The Town Administrator and Deputy alone have over fifty years of combined municipal government experience. 

How can residents get involved with this department?
There are quite a few ways residents can get involved: 

Administrator 1
Resident engagement spectrum:

Receive Town Services – more passive – drive on Town-owned roads, stop at Town-owned and operated traffic signal, residue from your yard runs into a storm drain that the Town has built and maintains.

Further down the spectrum you are aware of specific services the Town provides and you seek them out – you obtain a permit to refinish your basement, you purchase a ticket for a concert at the PACE Center, you work out at the Parker Recreation Center, you obtain a business license. You can also be aware of certain projects the Town is working on, and have looked at the Town’s website or have visited Let’s Talk Parker. 

Informed means you have taken that next step – you have attended or watched a broadcast a council meeting to learn more about an issue you are interested in, you have logged on to the Town’s active development website to see what the construction is happening, or you have reviewed project pages on Let’s Talk Parker.

Engaged is the highest level of involvement – you attend a Town Council meeting, but this time you speak during the public comment section, you fill out the citizen survey that you get in the mail every few years and turn it in, you log into Let’s Talk Parker and you take a survey, or you serve on a board or commission. 

What is the most common question received by this department and what is the answer? 
The most common question or request is “Can I speak to the Mayor? I have a complaint.” Since residents are under the impression that the Mayor oversees Town services, this office gets frequent requests for residents to meet with or speak with the Mayor. Find contact information for the Mayor and Town Council here. (See next question for additional information)

What else should residents know about this department?
The Town of Parker operates under the Council-Administrator form of government which combines the political leadership of elected officials in the form of a Council with the managerial training and experience of an appointed local government administrator. The form establishes a representative system of government where the council hires a professionally-trained manager to oversee the delivery of public services and the oversight of day-to-day operations. The Town Administrator reports directly to the Town Council and carries out the policies adopted by Council.  

The Town Administrator is a generalist who is well-versed in the functions of municipal government. In order to oversee Town operations, the Town Administrator has to be well-versed in the following:
Administrator 2