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Dec 09

Snow Operations

Posted on December 9, 2019 at 1:41 PM by Ryne Dittmer

Based on historical averages, Parker records approximately 56 inches of snowfall per snow season. Clearing those flakes from the Town’s 500-plus miles or roadways is the responsibility of the Engineering and Public Works Department’s Streets Maintenance Division.

Parker’s Snow Plowing and Ice Control Policy organizes this process by dividing roadways into three tiers based on traffic movement and safety, emergency response, budget allocations, special community needs and snowfall levels.

Priority 1 - Arterial Roadways

Plowed first, these major roadways carry the most traffic volume, such as Stroh Road, Hess Road, Twenty Mile Road, Cottonwood Drive, Canterberry Parkway, Lincoln Avenue, Jordan Road, Pine Drive, Hilltop Road and Mainstreet.

Note, Parker Road is maintained by the Colorado Department of Transportation.

Priority 2 - Collector Streets

Collector streets provide access to the arterial roadways and are plowed once arterial roadways are cleared.

These include Dransfeldt, Riva Ridge, Motsenbocker, J. Morgan, Nate, Bradbury Parkway, Clark Farms Drive, Pine Lane, Apache Plume, Crown Crest Boulevard, Tallman, Omaha and Canterberry Trail.

Snowplowing and/or ice control operations are performed on all Priority 1 and Priority 2 streets for every storm when an accumulation of snow or ice is present on roadway surfaces.

Priority 3 - Local Residential Roads and Cul-de-sacs

Local residential roads and cul-de-sacs are plowed when roadway accumulation of snow has reached 6 inches or if major drifting has occurred. Snowfall is measured with weather sensors utilizing a laser located at the intersections of Twenty-Mile Road/Pine Lane and Hilltop Road/Canterberry Parkway.

Once a snow storm is imminent, the Town’s snow plowing crews switch to mandatory 12-hour shifts and begin preparing for the storm. Streets are treated with ice slicer (or Redmond Salt) and liquid magnesium chloride, which help to keep snow packs loose and minimize ice bonding to pavements.

During a snow event, crews work 24/7 until the storm has ceased and snow operations are complete.

Read the Town’s Snow Plowing and Ice Control Policy in its entirety and find related snow resources on the Snow Operations webpage.

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