Oct 16

[ARCHIVED] Parker's location an asset to growing business community

The original item was published from October 16, 2019 10:03 AM to September 15, 2022 4:28 PM

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You’ve heard it said that when it comes to real estate, it’s all about location. A good site is a great asset, but it is often only one piece of the equation. Other factors come into play, and for businesses looking to establish themselves or move, some of those factors may include transportation accessibility, cost to buy or lease real estate, and community support.

Located just 25 miles south of central Denver, many businesses have found Parker to be an attractive place to start or relocate their company. Offering easy access to a major interstate (I-25), E-470, and a thriving business community, it is easy to see why Parker’s location is an asset.  

Scott Farrell, president of i2 Construction, recently moved his business from the north side of Denver to Parker. He started looking for a new location in October of 2017, with the need to move by July of 2018. 

Because of a massive construction project on the north side of the Denver metro area that was impacting traffic, he began to focus more on the south side of the city. Along with less traffic, he found the lower lease rates and the availability of parking very desirable factors.  

“I was sitting at my desk looking at properties,” said Farrell. “A couple of my project managers were in my office with me, and they each said they liked the property in Parker right off of E-470, and that because of the incredible access, the drive would actually be faster.” 

i2 Construction serves clients all over the Denver metropolitan area, so easy access to the interstate was key, not only for his 40 employees but also for his customers. 

“We are out and about most days, and this location is really serving us well,” he said. “We have a lower lease rate and more parking options than before.”  

Showcasing His Business and the Community
Farrell also wants to offer his customers easy access to his office. He is excited about his new location and feels his office now reflects who i2 Construction truly is. While they didn’t host any events at their former location, they’re already using their new office as a showcase, having hosted two events in the time they’ve been there. The first was an open house after they initially moved in, and the second was a 20th anniversary party. 

“We want our clients, prospects, and partners coming here, much more than we did in our old location,” he said. “And with the tollway right there, it’s easy for them to do so.” 

Along with showing off his new office, he also feels a sense of pride about Parker and plans to get more connected with the city’s business community.

“Now that we’ve been here a year and we’re settled in, I look forward to getting more involved,” he said. “I also want to further understand the city’s preservation efforts. Keeping the city’s charm is really important to me.”