Traffic Violations

Traffic Violation Fines

The fines for traffic violations in Parker vary depending on the offense and the points assessed. If you receive a ticket in a safety-sensitive or construction zone, your fine amount will automatically double. Even if you are able to obtain a plea bargain that reduces the points assessed against you, fines for traffic violations within a safety-sensitive or construction zone will be calculated on the original points of the traffic violation, not the reduced points as a result of a plea bargain. Safety-sensitive zones, which are indicated by signage, include school zones as well as Mainstreet from Dransfeldt Road east to Pine Drive. All safety-sensitive and construction zones are set by Town ordinance.

For all violations in the Municipal Court, a $25 Court cost fee and a Law Enforcement Assistance Surcharge of 37% will be added to your fine amount.

Credit Cards Payment

The Court accepts cash, checks, money orders, and credit cards for fine payments. You can pay your ticket here with a credit card.

Plea by Mail

If you meet certain requirements, the Town Attorney may offer you a plea bargain through the mail, which will include a plea of guilty, a waiver of appearance, and the fine amount. To accept the plea bargain, you need only sign the plea of guilty and the waiver of appearance and mail it back to the Court Clerk, along with a check for your fine made payable to the Parker Municipal Court. You may also pay your plea bargain online with a credit card.

If you reject the plea bargain offered by mail, you will need to appear in court on your scheduled date and time.

Town Attorney

Unless you have received a penalty assessment ticket, you will be able to see the Town Attorney on your scheduled court date. The Town Attorney may offer you a plea bargain, after which you would appear before the Judge. If you accept a plea, the Judge will impose a sentence. If the case is not resolved, a new date will be set.

Penalty Assessment Ticket

An offer to reduce the points for a penalty assessment offense will appear on your summons. The officer will include the reduced points and the fine amount. You may either accept this offer and pay the amount within 14 days to avoid coming to court, or you may come to court on the date and time on the ticket. If you choose not to pay the penalty assessment and you elect to appear at the Court on your return date, you will not have an opportunity to speak with the prosecutor. You will have the option to enter the plea on the penalty assessment or set the case for trial.

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