Stormwater Pollution Prevention

Stormwater Runoff

Stormwater runoff is responsible for causing surface water pollution in the Parker area. As stormwater runoff travels across streets, driveways, parking lots, etc., it collects pollutants such as motor oil, grass clippings, engine coolant, fertilizers, bacteria, pet waste, etc.

These pollutants are then carried through the Town's stormwater collection system and are then discharged into to the local waterways such as Sulphur Gulch, Newlin Gulch, Tallman Gulch and ultimately, Cherry Creek.

What You Can Do

Below is a list of items that you can do to help reduce stormwater pollution:

  • Pick up after your pets.
  • Wash your car on your lawn or better yet, take your car to a car wash. At car washes, the waste water is treated at a water treatment plant.
  • Follow the manufacturer's instructions when fertilizing your lawn.
  • Do not discharge anything into the Town's stormwater collection system (streets, gutters, storm inlets, manholes, drainage swales, etc.)
  • Check your car, boat, motorcycle and other machinery and equipment for leaks and spills. Make repairs as soon as possible.
  • Clean up spilled fluids with kitty litter or sand and don't rinse the spills or clean-up materials into a nearby storm inlet.
  • Recycle used oil and other automotive fluids.
  • Pick up your grass clippings from your driveways, sidewalk and street.
  • Report anyone who you suspect to be dumping pollutants into the Town's stormwater collection system to the Illicit Discharge Hotline.
  • Cover piles of dirt and mulch being used in landscaping projects.
  • Don't over water your lawn.
  • Clean paint brushes in a sink, not outdoors.
  • Properly dispose of excess paints and other chemicals through the Douglas County Health Department's (DCHD) Household Hazardous Waste Program. Visit DCHD's Household Waste Management webpage for more information.
  • If you have a few minutes, please read and consider sending the Town any feedback you may have regarding the Town of Parker's Stormwater Management Program Description (PDF).


For additional information or questions on stormwater runoff, please contact the Department of Engineering/Public Works at 303.840.9546.