Communal Outdoor Dining Areas

Communal outdoor dining areas are outdoor areas used for food and alcohol beverage service by two or more liquor licensees. The only types of licensees that are eligible to have communal outdoor dining areas include beer and wine, beer wholesaler that operates a sales room, brew pub, distillery pub, fermented malt beverage retailer licensed for on-premises consumption, hotel and restaurant, limited winery, lodging and entertainment facility, manufacturer that operates a sales room, optional premises licensees, tavern, and vintner’s restaurants.

To operate a communal outdoor dining area, two of the above licensees must apply for a permit from the state and local licensing authorities. All licensees who plan to use the communal outdoor dining area must also: (1) apply to attach their license to that outdoor area, and (2) apply to modify their licensed premises to include that area. To approve the communal outdoor dining area, the state and local licensing authority must find that the area is within 1,000 feet of the permanent licensed premises of each of the licensees. This measurement is made by using a route of direct pedestrian access from the nearest property line of the land used for the communal outdoor dining area to the nearest portion of the building where the permanent licensed premises is located.  

This communal outdoor dining area permit is in addition to the Town of Parker Community Event Permit which may be required for certain events held on Town property. Please visit our Community Event Permit page for more details. Applicants should allow at least 45 days to complete the entire process. Please contact the Town Clerk’s Office at 303.805.3198 for further questions or to obtain the documents necessary to begin the process.