Parking on Snow Routes

The Town of Parker would like to remind residents and businesses that snow removal operations can affect on-street parking during snow events and for several days after the snow stops falling depending on the severity of the storm.

Town staff performs snow route snow removal on four stretches of roadways following the end of major snow events and after major roadways are generally clear of snow/ice. Three of these snow routes are located downtown, while another is located west of Parker Road:

  •  Mainstreet from Parker Road east to PACE Center Drive 
  •  Pikes Peak Drive from Mainstreet south to the bridge over Sulphur Gulch 
  •  Pikes Peak Avenue from Pikes Peak Drive east to Pine Drive 
  •  Clarke Road, east of Dransfeldt Road (the only non-downtown snow route)

Certain route-specific parking rules are enforced in these areas during events that require Town snow removal operations: 

  • Vehicles must not remain parked on the street or stopped unattended on the street within the snow route area.
  • Any vehicle parked or stopped unattended on such street shall be subject to immediate removal and/or ticketing.
  • Snow removal operations may continue for several days after snow has stopped, and this policy applies day and night during a snow event. 

The Town understands that requiring motorists to find alternative places to park is an inconvenience. Public parking lots are provided in the downtown area, including at The Schoolhouse and O’Brien Park, as well as parking along other non-snow route streets. 

Appropriate signage is displayed on each snow route, so please familiarize with these routes if you routinely park on the street, especially in the downtown area.

For more information on the Town’s snow operations, visit

For more information about enforcement of these parking regulations on snow routes, contact the Parker Police Department at 303.841.9800.

Downtown Snow Routes Map

What Are Snow Routes?

  • A snow route designation provides the ability for Town of Parker staff and snow removal equipment to effectively, efficiently and, as safely as possible, perform the removal of snow in these areas.
  • The Town expects vehicles to be moved from these areas to allow the snow removal operation to occur.
  • The Town has the authority to remove vehicles or ticket the vehicle for violating this policy. This is not the Town’s desired response and would prefer the owners to be accountable for their responsibility.

Why are These Designated as Snow Routes?

  • Considered major traffic ingress and egress roadways in the downtown Parker area.
  • Have substantial on-road parking which impacts snow removal practices.
  • Road width and visibility makes it unsafe to plow when vehicles are parked or unattended.
  • Have minimal capacity for snow to be removed from the road right-of-way.
  • Damage to vehicles parked along these routes is more likely due to the road structure.