Core Values

Parker is committed to maintaining a friendly, hometown atmosphere. We place a premium on teamwork and participation, while encouraging creativity and individual initiative. We believe that through collaboration, leadership can occur at all levels. We take our commitments seriously and strive to reach positive solutions.


  • Communicate openly, honestly and frequently with all members of our team
  • Demonstrate fairness, compassion, and consistency in our interactions with others
  • Recognize the value of all members of our organization
  • Form partnerships with the community
  • Listen to and respect the ideas and concerns of others
  • Enable team members to strike a healthy work and life balance

Quality Service

  • Treat each customer with professional courtesy, warmth, and friendliness
  • Create a home Town feeling in our facilities and our community
  • Focus on problem solving by listening empathetically while responding promptly and fairly
  • Serve our customers efficiently and knowledgeably
  • Strive to meet or exceed the expectations of our customers
  • Treat all coworkers as customers


  • Embrace a culture of honor and trustworthiness
  • Exhibit conduct that inspires public confidence
  • Manage the Town’s business honestly and directly
  • Honor commitments and promises
  • Be reliable, dependable, and accountable for our actions
  • Learn from our mistakes


  • Create a proactive, empowering environment
  • Embrace the challenge of change
  • Encourage and develop creative ideas in all areas of the Town
  • Transform innovative ideas into reality

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