Building Division

The Parker Building Division enforces the requirements of the adopted building, fire, plumbing, mechanical, and electrical codes in a professional and unbiased manner. We provide quality customer service in a timely and courteous manner and earn the respect of the citizens and contractors.

The Building Division handles the building permit process, plan review, oversees the Board of Appeals and enforces the adopted building codes.



To make sure that your contractor has obtained a permit, please call the Building Permit Counter at 303.841.1970, give us your address and we can tell if a permit has been applied for and issued.

Pre-Application Meetings
In order to ensure complete applications, Pre-Application Meetings are offered as an informal/preliminary exchange of information between the Town of Parker Building Division and applicants. These meetings discuss current applicable codes, plan preparation, review process, submittal requirements for particular projects, and any general concerns pertaining to the project. Meetings are scheduled by appointment. Find out more information (PDF) about how these helpful meetings can assist you in the building process.

EZ Permits

The Town of Parker’s Building Division has introduced two new programs to assist homeowners, contractors and small business owners with their next building or remodeling project.

As a homeowner, are you having trouble getting started with your Do-It-Yourself Project (decks, basements, covers, etc…)? Give the Building Division a call to set up meeting to help you work through the permitting system and get you started on the right path. The possibility of walking out the door with your permit in hand is the goal of our new program, EZ Permits.

Meetings with the Building Division staff are available by appointment only and will be scheduled every Wednesday from 8:30 a.m. to noon for 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the scope of work. We will email or fax you a short form to fill out prior to the meeting that will allow us time to gather additional information for your specific project. To schedule an appointment, email us or call 303.841.1970.

Contractors, small business owners and other commercial people, don’t feel left out, because we have thought of you, as well! Our new EZ Commercial Permits program offers a similar system for you on those small, minor, non-structural remodels. The goal is to get the permit issued over the counter, but if your project is a little more involved, then we will at least get you pointed in the right direction. If the space is less than 1,200 square feet with no fire suppression or alarm systems, is not a change of occupancy and there are no exterior modifications, then your project may qualify for this program.

For more information about these two new programs, email the Building Division at or call 303.841.1970. For more information on homeowner resources, visit our Homeowner Corner.

Inspectors and Plan Reviewers

Inspectors and Plan Reviewers can be reached during business hours at the phone numbers located on the staff directory. Please call the main office number at 303.841.1970 if you have any questions or concerns, or if you need an immediate response from inspectors out in the field.